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Telling A Story

Recently I started diving into the figure photography world. It has been a struggle getting started due to the fear of judgment and going against my Christian background. I've always been taught to avoid the things that might tempt you, but when you create this style of work to help those who need body inspiration or want to tell a story, why would I put limitations on myself in fear of others' perspective. As creatives, you have to discover and create for yourself, and let the rest just work out.

Below is a conversation that I had with my subject, Nichole.

Post response from Nichole

Q: How did the shoot make you feel during and afterward?

A: “Vulnerable, but excited. I’ve hated my body for so long and have spent a decade trying to get out of it, but I’m tired of it. So I wanted to see if pushing myself to do something uncomfortable like that would help me see myself in a different light. It did. It’s cool to see that everything I pick at and wish was gone, is still beautiful. It’s still art. After I think I was mostly just excited to see how they were going to come out. Then life got busy and seeing the photos again brought me to a stopping point.“

Q: How did the shoot help you in accepting your body? / How do you feel your body tells a story?

A: "It helped me see my body from an objective viewpoint, along with seeing it from an artistic side. I’ve always seen human life as art, but separated myself from that and never thought of myself as art. It kind of forced me to see my body as my own. I think my body tells the story of life and death. It proves resilience and strength. The same backbone I abused until it literally crumbled and broke is the same one that carried me through the hardest parts of my recovery. That backbone supported me even after my many attempts at dismantling myself. The same body I spent years hating and trying to destroy has done nothing but continue to heal and grow and get stronger. My scars are proof of survival, but my strength is proof of life after survival.

How will you tell your story?

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