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I'm sure many of you who have been following our brand have wondered exactly what sub urban creative means and means to us. Let's jump straight into it! I (Isaac Nunn) created this brand back in 2014 when I was challenged in my undergrad class to develop a personal brand. I came up with the concept and Mike Price my digital media boss at the time came up with the name. I approached him with so much frustration because I wanted to create something that truly represented me and not just go for an easy A. I remember approaching Mike and telling him that I love urban content but I am also versatile in all lanes. I received my Bachelor in Fine art in Graphic design but was challenged to take many different art forms from ceramics to painting. This created a whole other creative monster who wanted to do anything and everything. Plugging Mike in with all my dreams and passions he came up with SUB URBAN which at the time took a minute to really latch on the idea but when we broke down the idea that I was a urban individual who was talented in many areas. Also being raised in Alabama I dealt with a lot of traditional thinking and I wanted to be the one to help change that. Bringing my urban thinking to a situation and creating new and fresh content. Five years later we are still grinding with the same vision and growing each day. Be sure to enjoy the process and remember we are all works in progress.

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